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Download Funny Cat Videos for Free.

When I’m feeling down, there’s nothing better than funny cat videos. Anytime, really…I could watch Maru all day. But I get pretty tired of ads covering up that box-diving action. Or trying to remember where to find that animated one where the kitty is hanging on the door. Funny cat videos are an important part of the Cool Aunt arsenal, but when I have my laptop and a bored and squirmy 4-year-old I don’t always have wi-fi. To get rid of those problems, I just download the kitties to my computer. How do you download your favorite cat videos from YouTube or other video sites? There are a few different programs and browser extensions out there that download funny cat videos. Some of them take more effort than others. I’m going to talk about RealPlayer Downloader because it’s easy to use and it’s free. Lots of downloaders say they have “one-click” downloading, but it’s more like cut and paste a web address into another window and then click, or click a button and then click record. Meanwhile, you are not watching your videos. With RealPlayer Downloader, you get a download button for your videos. One click, it just works. First, install RealPlayer Downloader. Download RealPlayer here to get RealPlayer Downloader feature. As part of the install, RealPlayer Downloader is going to ask you to close your web browser. That’s important – it needs to do that to set up the “Download This Video” button for you. Watch, click, download! Now that you have RealPlayer Downloader, go watch your favorite funny cat video. Look for the Download This Video button on the upper right corner of the video. Click it! You’re done. The video downloads to your computer. As you download the videos, they show up in the RealPlayer Downloader window. You can keep watching more videos and collecting them, or you can watch the copy you’ve downloaded to your computer. Click any video name to play it. Does this work for all videos? For most funny cat videos, yes. Videos on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe are a simple one-click download. RealPlayer Downloader doesn’t download videos that have DRM, like stuff from Hulu or Netflix. Funny Cat Videos: A Viral Sensation.